Check of the performance and in particular the yaw behaviour of wind turbines

Site: Small wind farm in the state of Bavaria, Germany Method: Wind measurement by Sodar Analysis of SCADA data of the wind turbines Results: The power curves as determined on the turbines are sufficiently in agreement with the warranted levels. However, improvements are possible. The yaw algorithm of one of the investigated turbines is far

Consultancy on wind resource over the time of development of a wind farm project

Site: 300 MW project in Spain Scope: initial estimate of wind resource advice on measurement positions optimisation of wind farm lay-out input to turbine specifications regular check on measured data independent documentation of wind measurements continuous further development of measurement strategy preparation of wind resource and energy production assessments selection of locations for masts for

Development of a measurement strategy and supervision of wind measurements

Site: Medium size project in Tunisia, mountainous region Scope: A local company was in charge of the installation and operation of met masts. The equipment had already been procured. aj was to advise on number of masts advise on measurement positions check and document the masts independently check the measured data continuously assess the site

Assessment of the wind shear

Site: 200 MW project in Morocco Issue to be resolved: The existing wind measurements with masts only cover a small part of the height range of the rotors of the planned wind turbines. The course of the wind speed above the masts is therefore unknown. This results in a significant uncertainty of the energy prediction